The Investment Of An Automotive Paint Booth

Modern day paint booth manufacturers have a significant number of types of such booths. The reason for this is to cover the entire spectrum of customer requirements. You could want a booth to paint an automobile or an aircraft or a very tiny intricate part in large numbers. All of these different samples would need […]

Automotive Spray Booths: A Must For Manufacturers

Spray booths aren’t just metal boxes where refinishing goes on. The best ones feature the kind of advanced technology even NASA scientists could appreciate. Today’s spray booths are ever evolving, technologically advanced, sophisticated pieces of equipment, capable of adapting to changing environmental standards with respect to the emission of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and particulate […]

Auto Paint Protection In Bendigo

What is auto paint protection, or car paint protection ? This is the term given to the process of applying a protective coating or sealant to the paint on your car. Automotive paint protection comes in many forms, some are very good, and some are an expensive waste of time. Generally speaking, the better forms […]

How To Paint Your Car With Ease

Make sure you have prepared the surface of your car first. Most suppliers provide you with a piece of specially coated poster board paper called a spray out card or test panel. Paint this card first to determine color match. There is nothing you can do once the automotive paint is on your car. You […]